New Eden

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Online Action RPG


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for System Requirements

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Action Combat

Combat in New Eden is based on reading the motions of your enemies and timing your own dodges, blocks and attacks. Whether you’re taking on Estaria’s challenging bosses, unique enemies, or other online Players, skill and reflexes are just as important as high levels and the variety of gear available to you.

Detailed Animations


Fluid movements, parries and riposte stabs, and readable enemy attacks provide an immersive experience.

Deadly Bosses


Battle them yourself for unforgiving difficulty, or team up with friends to show them who the REAL boss is.

Intense PvP


A variety of ranged weapons, melee weapons and spells make sure combat is always fresh and interesting.

New Eden also features an amazing Soundtrack from Peribang Records - you can check it out Here!

Join the New Eden Discord

We try to be very active and receptive to our Community, the main hub of which is the Discord platform. Many Community suggestions have already made their way into the game or influenced its design, so if you’d like to get involved, or just stay on top of our progress, Discord is the place to be!




It’s YOUR game, so social and story events will always be influenced by Community opinions and interaction.



New Eden uses a minimalist Quest structure, encouraging interaction with the world and other Players to find your way.



A variety of skin tones, gender identities, weapons and gear let you express yourself the way you want.


Thousands of years ago, a Cataclysm rocked the planet, altering its ecological balance and forcing humans to live deep underground for generations. When they finally emerged, they found the world to be filled not only with advanced technological artifacts of the ancient civilization of the Forebears, but also a tangible ethereal force - Magic - that had given the plants and animals of the world a new and dangerous sentience. The planet was once called Earth; now it is known as Estaria.


Elemental Connection

Some are born with magical abilities; some are not. This sensitivity to these strangely tangible forces of nature is referred to as “Elemental Connection”. Those born with a Connection are commonly called Elementals, and those without are called Naturals. This duality of the human species has affected every facet of Estarian life, including religion, science, politics, and the daily routines of its people.

Righteous War

A great war currently rages between the Elementals and Naturals, with Alistair Slaven Supreme and his Elitist Church fighting for Elemental dominance, and Count Orson Rottwell of the New Federation of Sovereign Loyalists advocating for the virtues of Natural lifestyles. Whatever noble intentions were to be found in the formation of either group have now long been blurred and bloodied…


Project Roadmap

System Requirements

New Eden should run smoothly on most hardware.

The build is Windows-only, but a Mac version is planned for the future.

We have servers in North America and Europe, so you may experience lag in other regions.

Servers will be expanded in full release, so please bear with us during the Alpha phase.

My Download is Not Working

Extract the ZIP as an administrator. Checking "Unblock" in Properties helps sometimes.

Right-click on app to access properties. Unblock sould be at the bottom right corner.

The install shouldn't take more than a couple minutes.

We are not yet popular enough to be recognized by certain Anit-Virus Softwares.

If your download or install gets stuck, try checking your Anti-Virus software and firewall settings.

If all else fails, deleting the files and re-extracting the ZIP sometimes helps.

Once the game is installed, just run the launcher to automatically update the game to the latest version.

More Questions or Concerns?

Join the New Eden Discord and chat with the Developers!

We crave your ideas and feedback, and can trooubleshoot any unique problems you might be experiencing!


WanderWolf Studios

We are an independent game development and publishing studio. We have a staff of around 10 people, and though our headquarters are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we have team members in Spain, Norway, Australia and the United States as well.

New Eden is our second title. The first was also a MMORPG, called Life Forge. Life Forge was a small game, and we see New Eden as taking that foundation and building a more complete and rewarding game experience.

We hope you enjoy New Eden!

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